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#Bragging: Polish Golden Owl on Duolingo

So, as you can see the title of this post, I just finished the Polish tree on Duolingo! Here is the screenie of the beautiful golden owl wearing a Poland's flag scarf :)

How many lessons needed to finish the Polish tree?
From the screenie above, I now have 2990 XP. It means that to finish the tree (without repeating any lesson), you need to finish 299 lessons, which I did in 26 days. I am not sure how much time it took me, but more or less I spent at least an hour in the morning and an hour at night every day.

I would say that it might be frustrating for someone who has no idea with Polish grammar. Well, bear in mind that even if you know the grammar, you will still get a headache when applying them. If you get the wrong case for noun, for example (In Polish there are 7 cases), Duolingo will not accept your answer. However, if you are keen enough, you can always find the resources related to the grammar online.

But anyway, the tree is perfect for someone like me. I am taking an intensive Polish course (click here if you are interested with the programme) in Politechnika Wrocławska for a year (Hey PWr, I just endorsed you!). In 4 months, I think more or less the grammar aspects have been explained already (I just checked the tree, actually not all. I have not been explained these in the class and you'll find them in the tree: verbal objects, gerund, participle, adverb comparison). And since last month, I really wanted to 'exercise' my grammar. I went to book store to check some Polish novels and books, and it demotivated me. So I realized that it's not the time yet to read a full Polish novel :)

And I guess I will stick to Duolingo still for the next one month and start to subscribe to some Polish podcasts. I think I tend to rush in when it comes to learning. But learning a new language is different. I need to be patient and persistent, and make the right pace that does not demotivate or too slow for me.

So that's that, I hope I can make a good progress for the next 4 months and nail the B2 level test in June! :)

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