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DocumentUp: Generate docs from your markdown file(s)

While at the lab in a class this afternoon, I was looking for a simple way to document my side project, Django User Map. I am about to release the v.1 of it, I hope, in a few weeks. After comparing some options, I decided to use DocumentUp.

It's so simple to set up that you can just try it right away right now! Pick one of your public Github repository and go to http://documentup.com/your-username/the-repository to see how your docs look like.

We can also use Github Pages for our repository and get the docs rendered at http://your-username.github.io/the-repository. To get this working, you need to create gh-pages branch in your repository first and create index.html (See here) and documentup.min.js (See here). You might need to wait a few minutes until you can see your docs in your Github pages URL.

And since I redirect my github profile page (from http://akbargumbira.github.io to http://www.akbargumbira.com), I can see my Django User Map docs at http://www.akbargumbira.com/django-user-map. Wspaniały, as Polish people say. Well, as long as I don't create a blog post with title 'Django User Map', it will be fine :)

So, if you have a project and want to make a simple docs out of the the repo's markdown file, this is a great choice. For now, it doesn't support private repository, multiple pages, or versioning. But if you go the DocumentUp issues list, the author is working on some of those already!

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