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Race with me on Duolingo!

When I was on the bus from Bratislava to Wrocław, one of my friend was playing Duolingo learning Polish. I was quite surprised to know Duolingo has it. Turns out that Duolingo has released its phase 2 of Polish course just 4 weeks ago (read here). It's not stable yet, but it's playable. I immediately grabbed my phone and started to play with the course.

After playing with it for a while and reading happy ending stories about people using Duolingo (read here for one), I decided to be more ambitious with it, taking it up as this year's resolution. To finish a course and get to level 25, apparently it needs 30k points. With one course worth 10 points, I estimated that if I am ambitious enough and persistent, I could finish it in 6 to 9 months. If I could finish it in 6 months, it would be perfect, as I will also finish my Polish course in Wrocław and take official Polish certification in June. And enjoy 3 months summer holiday afterwards :)

So if you have a goal to learn new languages too, follow me on Duolingo and I'll follow you back. Seeing something like this motivates you (to know that someone is learning harder than you), no?

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