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Google Summer of Code 2016

Last month, I submitted a proposal for Google Summer of Code 2016 (one of the perks when you're a student), and after one month review, my proposal is accepted. The proposal is for QGIS (under OSGEO organization) to make symbols, style, and SVG markers sharing possible through web service.


Someone actually did that for GSoC 2013, but it was not merged into production. Last year, Tim told me about this work and asked me if perhaps I would be interested to continue the work. So, I started to hack around QGIS Django project. As an attempt to familiarize myself with the code base, I actually worked on other stuffs instead of that sharing feature :) I made PR to dockerize deployment, went to each issues in Redmine, and replaced the user map with my Django User Map. About two months ago, Tim poked me again about this and told me that if I need help, ideas, and suggestions, Anita and Richard are happy to help. I started to dig around the work again.

My plan for summer break was to work here (as a student in Poland, I'm allowed to work full time in the summer break). Until one day I had a thought: "Why didn't I apply for GSoC and submit the proposal for that QGIS work?". I checked the website and luckily the registration was still open. A few days after the registration, Ale (Alessandro Pasotti) contacted me if I would like to have him as a mentor along with Anita (of course I said yes). So, now I have 2 official mentors and 1 unofficial one that I keep poking around (Tim) and use his server for staging :)

Official coding time starts on May 23rd, because apparently most of the universities out there have summer break started around that date, except for Poland. Poland academic calendar is one-month late. Winter semester starts in October and summer break starts around the end of June. I think I will stay here in Poland until August to work for GSoC, and back to Indonesia in September. I am not sure if I can focus to work on the project if I stay in Indonesia.

It's a great chance for me to learn and contribute for QGIS. I hope I can do this project well :)

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