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Happy Independence Day, Poland!

Today marks the independence day of Poland. This day 1918, Poland was proclaimed as an independent country, after some series of partitions with Russia, Prussia, and Austria.

I would really like the idea to see and enjoy the festive celebrations and marches. But it seems that Poland is not really welcoming foreigners to enjoy today's celebration with them. Expats group and many people told me not to go outside especially when the so called 'Patriotic March' begins. Yeah, it's quite sad, compared to Independence day in Indonesia. We do a lot of fun things (balap karung, panjat pinang, makan kerupuk, etc) and we really welcome foreigners to see and enjoy those fun things.

It's kind of true that Poland is not welcoming foreigners as much as I thought. Foreigner was getting bullied in the tram (which has become a hot topic in Wrocław Expats group). Or as happened to me or my Indonesian friends, I couldn't remember how many times people 'scanned' me (you know when people 'really' look at your face), or people intentionally body-crashed my friend while walking, or how hard it is for me to find a private room because I don't speak Polish (yet). I am just a bit disappointed considering how rich and mixed European culture is, meanwhile some people can't just accept diversity.

But that's fine, I hope over time I can enjoy Poland more and for now I'll just enjoy Poland's Independence day by posing with its flag :)

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