We are using Jekyll for our documentation (i.e this website). If you want to contribute to the documentation, please check out gh-pages branch (yes, this documentation is hosted on Github pages).

This documentation is divided into 3 categories: for users, for authors, and for developers section. To update a particular page, find the markdown file in _posts directory. To make a new page, run bin/jekyll-page [page title] [category_code]. The codes for the category are: user (will be put in For User section), author (for authors section), and dev (for developers section).

After you make changes to the documentation, please make a PR to branch gh-pages in the upstream repository.

If you have images to show, put it in assets directory and to use it in your post, just like usual in markdown, you can reference it by writing: ![alt_text](/qgis_resources_sharing/assets/[the_image_path])