Now that you have QGIS Resource Sharing plugin installed, you can browse the collections available from the repositories registered in the Settings tab and install them on your local machine. To install a collection, you just simply need to click the collection you want to install and click Install button below the collection description. For each type of resources in the collection, the plugin will install them differently.


If the collection contains SVGs, it will be added to SVG search paths in your QGIS. You can directly use those SVGs when you want to edit a symbol to use one of the SVG from the collection. The SVGs should be available under Resource Sharing section in SVG Groups

SVG Group


The symbols and colorramps from the collection (defined by the XML file) will be installed in the Style Manager.

Style Manager

For each symbol XML file, the plugin will create a child group with name equals to the file name. Please click on the tab Marker, Line, Fill, or Color ramp to see the items installed from the collection.


For QML style, the plugin will not do anything other than resolving the image or svg paths for you. You can click Open folder and see where the QML style is for later use.

Processing Script

After the installation, the processing scripts in the collection will be available for use in the Processing Toolbox under Scripts menu.

Processing Toolbox