QGIS Resource Sharing

Google Summer of Code 2016

Akbar Gumbira (student), Alessandro Pasotti (mentor), Anita Graser (mentor) with the help of Richard Duivenvoorde, Tim Sutton, and QGIS community.


Have you ever found yourself needed to share QGIS resources?

..you know stuffs like SVG

..symbols or colorramps


..processing scripts

..or composer templates?


But it's too dark for your friends to put those resources in the right place

..or that you wish you can search available resources out there somewhere just from your QGIS

so we had an idea...

Why don't we make something similar to our successful plugin manager?

...where users can make their own resource repository

...and that other users can browse and install collections available in that repository

And that it needs to have a distributed repository system...


Because then we can do cool stuffs

Put it on git platform, fork repositories and custom the resources as we want

Put the repository on ftp, scp, or other protocols (though these are not implemented yet :p)

We started to code..

And a new QGIS plugin is implemented (yay)

Where users can add repository..

Browse and filter collections..

And install collections..

But there is always something to fix and improve..

Room for Improvement

  • Better 'Help' system (now only linking to online documentation)
  • Translation
  • More unittests
  • Collection versioning
  • More resource handler: composer (qpt), project file (.qgs)
  • Feature to create repository, metadata, and manage the collections

More about this project

End of Slide and Summer..